Your Creating Harmony And Balance Session.

In your creating harmony and balance session, I help you listen to your subconscious mind to discover and uncover past events, situations, circumstances etc that are causing you stress in your life currently. The session will usually last from an hour to an hour and a half and involves a brief understanding of the event, situation, circumstance in life and creating awareness in how it is effecting you in the present day. There is also an opportunity to have this session be non content. Non content - means that you don't have to speak out about what you are wanting to change. The goal is to then process emotions related to this situation, circumstance in life, event etc from short term memory into long term memory and create a new way of thinking, an intention/focus/goal, ultimately freeing your subconscious from this hamster wheel of thoughts and breaking the cycle. Following the session many report feeling "positive, confident and motivated". Whilst the process itself can be emotional and challenging, it is also very gentle and safe. A great way to overcome some of life's most difficult stressors and challenges.

What Is A Session Of Creating Harmony And Balance Like?

"I would say it is like having a counselling session which is painless, mysterious but very healing in ways one is not necessarily conscious." - LF

What Will I Achieve?

Everyone achieves something different in their creating harmony and balance session, with each session being a new and different journey, a step to becoming the next best version of yourself. I feel the best way to show you what you could achieve is by sharing the experiences of a few of my clients: "Thank you for changing my son's and my life. For seeing my son for who he needed to be. I am so grateful to you for opening me up to the world of kinesiology and because of it my life will never be the same" - MM "With Jane's help I have been able to become a more positive, confident and motivated person" - JB "I now no longer feel doubtful about my future, but empowered to become the best me that can overcome life's challenges." - NP

The LifeLine Technique®

This beautiful technology was developed by Dr Darren Weissman and is a culmination of a powerful range of modalities brought together as one. This is cutting edge mind medicine at it's best that brings about sustainable, lasting change. Situations that once created constant stress in your life, become distant memories that no longer hold the same power over how you show up in your life.

Integrated Healing®

A gentle modality, incorporating the best of modern Psychology, NLP, CBT, Physiology, Applied Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, complementary medicine and many other modalities. Developed by Mathilda van Dyk and Nic Oliver, with its own unique methodologies, to give you a profound, yet simple and gentle, approach to healing.

It is time to let go,
disconnect with your past,
finally move forward.

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