What’s Your Focus for 2021? Keeping it Simple, How to Create Change.

Posted on: 17 February 2021 by Jane Saunders

Here we are it’s already the middle of February.  How many of you start the year with a myriad of hopes and dreams?  Such as, I am going to change careers at last, get that new job, move house, do some study, tidy my office, change my habits, travel only to find at the end of the year that you don’t have much to tick off.

Having been down this road myself in the past, I have found that there are certain things that I can do to create the change I am looking for.

At the end of a year, I take some time out and review my year.  Looking at what worked, what changed, what didn’t change and what is no longer relevant.  I review, what my goals were at the beginning of the year.  I don’t make myself wrong for what I have or haven’t done.  It’s interesting to see what happened through the year and how my goals/intentions have played out.

At the beginning of the New Year – I type out an affirmation (intention, goal, dream).  I do it on my computer.  I date it and leave it to be opened at the middle of the year and the end of the year.  I create a check-off list/actions from that page of intention and keep that in my view throughout the year.

You see this is like planting little seeds and some of those seeds will grow and you will reap the rewards of them.

Here is an example of sewing your own seeds of potential:

My Intention for 2021 is to create organisation in my business, office, and personal life….

So this is the goal of wanting to be organised and then I get to write out in more detail how I might achieve this.

Which could look like a Timeline or a list of actions:

Business – create a new filing system, buy a new filing cabinet …..

Office – clear out old papers, obsolete books….

Personal Life – diary linked to all my devices, list of family and friends I want to catch up with through the year.  Break down into a month, looking at the time available and what I would like to achieve, how will I make it happen….

Another great thing that I was recently reminded of is to create a vision board of your whole life.  Many years ago, I created a vision board with a large A3 piece of paper and lots of magazines, pictures from the internet, postcards and relevant words to me.  There was a lot of cutting out and sticking on the paper.  On my vision board, I had pictures of places I wanted to visit, study I wanted to achieve, words that inspired me, my family, and so on.  It was whatever my dreams and desires were at that time.  I recently looked at that first vision board and was surprised to see how much had now become a reality.

Recently I produced a new Vision Board for my personal life and I created this on the free app CANVA.com.  It was so much easier and allowed me to change and shift concepts and ideas around.  I did this is part of a course I am doing at the moment called Personal, Professional, Family Life Mastery with the LifeLine Technique® Centre.  It is something that I will adopt and use on an annual basis.

Lastly, remember that in order to make your dreams become reality you have to take action.  This can be done step by step, as the year progresses and can be constantly reviewed and fine-tuned.