About Jane

My interest in natural medicine started in 1992, with a back injury and a referral to a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioner and I never looked back.  With an interest in aromatherapy and a variety of other natural medicine products, by 1997 when I was pregnant with my first child, I started to explore how I could keep myself fit and healthy throughout the pregnancy and beyond.  This is when I discovered the healing power of homeopathy.  By 2000, I was so taken with homeopathy that I started the journey of formal study.  Not long into my homeopathy degree and I discovered kinesiology and decided to study this too.  I also studied to become an Integrated Healing® Practitioner along the way.  In 2016 I stepped into the world of the LifeLine Technique® and fell in love with this deep, life-changing, cutting edge mind medicine modality and became a Certified LifeLine® Practitioner.  During my study of the LifeLine Technique®, I have overcome learning issues, the inability to be able to rote learn, my fear of death, fear of flying, public speaking to name a few.  My commitment as a practitioner is to continually, learn, grow and evolve so that I am always bringing best practice to the people I work with.


"I first went to see Jane Saunders after I had been struggling with the death of my mother and other anxiety issues. With Jane’s help I have been able to become a more positive, confident and motivated person. I can now understand and acknowledge when I need to put our goals into action again. I was very lucky to be able to see Jane when I was at my worst. I always know that Jane is available as my need arises, by just an email, or a phone call. I have great faith in her judgement and treatment and would recommend her to anyone at anytime."



Bachelor of Health Science (Homeopathy) Advanced Diploma Homeopathy Certificate IV Kinesiology Diploma of Kinesiology Counselling Kinesiology Integrated Healing® Dip Certified LifeLine Technique® Practitioner Intuitive Meditation Kinesiology Practitioner

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